Created as part of the Toronto Game Jam 2021

'Second Wing' was a fantasy shooter and third person action-adventure video game for the PSX created by LyliatSoft in 1998.

The game follows a baby dragon called Drago, escaping from Castle Drachenlich after failing to free his people from the clutches of the fell wizard that lurks

Gameplay involves escaping from the labyrinth of tunnels below the castle in stunning forward-scrolling 3D graphics that make your brand-new CRT televisions POP and bring Drago to life.

'Second Wing' was built to capture the popularity of Star Fox 64 and fell into immediate obscurity, thus fuelling an obsession among collectors to track down every copy in existence.

Only 3 were ever found.

...until today. We found the elusive fourth copy in a desert and digitised it for everyone's pleasure.



NOTE : tap UP or W repeatedly to stay afloat. BE GENTLE.



Alex Z. (@Aquakrunk )

Adam B. (@ABysice)

Oscar Z. (@OmegaOzone)

Sean W. (@Wiksant)

Zeeshan R. (@Zaeche_)

Special thanks to Jack G. for the music! You can find him here:

Install instructions

Only for Windows at the moment. Other OSes pending.


Second Wing - Windows 68 MB


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TOJam Organizer Maggie also played your game (and I think beat Arthur)

Highlight from TOJam 2021's Open House Stream

Very hard but noice :)


Very polished game and I love the aesthetic. It's like a 3d flappy bird. Great work!

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cheers! -- Z

I love this game & the description.  awesome job capturing the PSX vibe.

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That's very kind of you to say, thanks :) -- Z